Meet A Latitude Family…Leon, Inaya and Lylah

What better way to dash those last remaining winter blues than to start planning a summer adventure for your family. But, where should you go?

Needless to say Latitude Festival is made for a families having won the Best Family Festival award at the UK Festival Awards two years in a row . But, don’t just take our word for it.

Meet 10 year old Inaya, 8 year old Lylah and their Dad, Leon. In this edition of Meet a Latitude Family, they share their unique experience of Latitude and explain why it’s a regular event in their family calendar.

How long have you been coming to Latitude as a family? 

Dad – I have been a few times, but 2020 will be the fourth year that it has been me and the girls.

Inaya – I went when I was 1 but I don’t remember it… obviously.

Why would you recommend coming to Latitude as a family? 

Dad – It’s very chilled, no massive crowds, nice people. Very safe and easy to enjoy if you have little ones in tow.

Inaya – It has something for everyone.

Lylah – There’s a massive area for kids with tons of stuff to do.

What makes you keep coming back year after year?

Dad – It’s now a regular event in the calendar. The girls look forward to it all year. It’s a three day adventure that involves camping, late nights, friends and live music.

Inaya – The pink sheep and the music of course.

Lylah – Dad insists… but we love it and I love watching the bands.

Why do your children like Latitude? 

Dad – I’d like to think it was because we have daughters/Daddy time, but I suspect they just like coming to hook up with their friends.

Inaya – We have made friends with other children who go to Latitude each year.

Lylah – It’s just really cool.

What’s your children’s favourite thing to do at Latitude?

Dad – I think they both love the Kids Area. I actually love it too – there so much to do there, we often spend hours messing around with stickers and stuff.

Inaya – Lots of late nights with our festival friends. The water show is amazing.

Lylah – Standing in the crowd watching the performers – it’s amazing.

What’s your favourite thing to do at Latitude? 

Dad – My favourite thing is the few moments that it takes to drive onto site. Honestly, it’s like Christmas morning – the girls are literally bouncing all over the place with excitement!

Inaya – Watching the bands at night and seeing all of the lights.

Lylah – Meeting new people.

What has been your fondest Latitude memory as a family?

Dad – My fondest memory is from 2017 when the girls both said that they were tired and they wanted to go to sleep…. It’s only happened once in 4 years.

Inaya – Dad got us backstage to meet one of the bands and we stood on the stage and waved at the audience and thousands of them waved back.

Lylah – Yeah – that was brilliant.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing at Latitude 2020?

Dad – Pretty excited about The Chemical Brothers, to be honest. Haim should be fun too.

Inaya – Haim and The Futureheads.

LylahThe Lumineers are good.

Visit our What’s On section to discover activities and entertainment for all age groups at Latitude 2020.

Latitude Festival will take place on 19th-21st July in Henham Park, with our headliners HAIM, Liam Gallagher, and The Chemical Brothers plus Bill Bailey, Simon Amstell and many more.

Tickets on sale now!