Environmental Impact

We work very closely with Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability within the creative industries. As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, we take part in their Creative Green certification that is the leading mark of achievement on environmental sustainability within the creative industries. In 2018 we are very pleased to have been awarded 4 out of 5 stars, thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve this fantastic result.

See our key achievements below and download our Latitude IG report to see our environmental performance in 2018.


Energy generation is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions globally and in the UK.

All of our tower and festoon lights is 100% LED. LED lights are 95% more environmental friendly than fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat, however fluorescent lights convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light. 15% of the total fuel we use in the generators is Waste Vegetable Oil biofuel.

Travel Impact

Travelling to the festival makes up 80% of the total carbon emissions generated (source: The Show Must Go On Report, 2015). You could travel by lower carbon forms of travel such as coach, train with direct shuttle buses to the festival or carshare to help reduce this. See our travel page for all options.

Waste Strategy

We run a three-bin system at the festival, which means every bin station in the campsite and main arena will be formed by 3 bins:

When you buy food from the traders, everything your food comes in is compostable so plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed in the compost bins along with the food scraps. Please make sure NO PLASTIC goes into the compost.

Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, magazines and clean and dry cardboard (no used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle).

There should be minimal left over that goes into General Waste.

Zero Waste Campsites

After a really really successful 2018 NiftyBins are back to have more fun with ZeroWaste recycling.  Thank you so much for everyone who used the system last year, we were over whelmed with response.  Please join us again in helping clean up our own environment, we will have many more recycling points across the festival this year, please spread the word of separation education and camp in a cleaner field each year. Your support is greatly welcome, its time now to make the change to help the future children enjoy a cleaner world.

Tents and Camping Equipment

When packing ready for the festival weekend, remember to pack wisely and only bring essential items, please do not bring any single use plastic (plastic bottles are allowed but please keep them to a minimum). Thank you for taking your tents home with you.

If you want to hire a tent rather than bring your own, Pink Moon offer pre pitched tents.

If you have any broken tents chairs, gazebos, empty batteries, unopened tins of food after the festival, please take them to the Recycling Points.

Water Refills

Tap water is free. Please feel free to refill your bottles at the taps provided.

Reusable Cups

Latitude festival continues to use reusable cups, something we’ve been doing since 2007 to eliminate single-use plastic. An average of one cup per person was kept as a souvenir and the rest are in storage ready to re-use next year.

Pay £2 deposit on your first beer and get it back when you return the cup at the end of the night or at the end of the festival (before Sunday night) to our main bars.

Our creative team have designed a limited number of exclusive Latitude Festival branded cups. There are a few designs to choose from for you to pick and keep as a souvenir.

Sustainability Charter

Our Sustainability Charter has the primary targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and ending the sale of single-use plastics at Latitude by 2021.

Read our Sustainability Charter to find out more about these goals.