Access Customers

How to Apply for Access at Latitude

We want Latitude to be an event that is accessible for all. To ensure we have the correct level of facilities, we ask that all access customers apply for the facilities they require.

All access customers must complete and submit an Access Application, for each year they wish to attend. Without submitting an application first, unfortunately we will not be able to grant access to Access facilities, however we will always try to accommodate late requests where possible.



Application Form

Access Applications for Latitude 2020 are now open. Please click on the button below to apply. To ensure we can plan for the correct level of facilities, we will be closing applications on Friday 19th June. After this date, we will not be accepting any more applications

To apply you will first need a ticket to Latitude (either Weekend or Day), plus supporting documentation. Please read below what documentation we require


When applying for access at Latitude, it is mandatory to provide at least one form of supporting documentation in your application. This will act as evidence of your requirements, and give you the ability to request a PA Ticket (if needed). We accept any of the following forms of documentation:

  • PIP (Personal independence payment)
  • DLA – Care and/or Mobility
  • Letter from a medical professional
  • D/deaf or blind registration
  • The Access Card or equivalent with a +1 Icon for PA tickets
  • Blue Badge – Permitted for parking only requests

If you do not have any of the listed forms above, but feel you need access at Latitude, please contact us.

Please note: all submitted documents are confidential and securely destroyed once your application is processed.

Access Guide

If you apply, and your application is accepted, you will be sent a Latitude Access Guide in the week leading up to the event. This will include detailed information relating to your arrival at Latitude, the latest access information, maps displaying accessible facilities and more.

Facilities At The Festival


The Accessible Campsite is available to customers who require accessible facilities. By locating these facilities in one campsite we can ensure that they are serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly. You can apply to camp here by completing an Access Requirements Form.

The campsite is located as close as possible to the arena and is staff by the Access Team 24 hours a day throughout the event. Security personnel and stewards are also based in the campsite.

Disabled Access Campsite Facilities:

  • Wheelchair accessible unisex showers and toilets
  • We supply a Changing Places Unit featuring a changing bed, a toilet, sink and a hoist. Please be aware that access customers must bring their own sling. This unit is not for sleeping.
  • Standard toilets and showers
  • Drinking water points and accessible sink
  • Waste-disposal point
  • Electrical points for charging wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Fridge for secure medication storage

Party Size

As well as you and your PA, we will allow two friends to camp with you. You must register the number of your group during the application process so that they are issued with the appropriate wristbands to access the Disabled Access Campsite.

Disabled Access in the Family Campsite

Families with a member requiring Disabled Access due to mobility are advised to stay in the Disabled Access Campsite due to the proximity of the arena and the terrain needed to access around the campsite.

The Family Campsite features dedicated Family toilets, showers, washing-up facilities, food traders and the Little Latitude Tuck Shop – selling all the essentials you might need. We do have a Disabled Access toilet.
The campsite is situated right next to the family activity areas and has its own arena entrance meaning you can get into the festival quicker.
To stay in the family campsite you will need to purchase the family camping version of your ticket.


Accessible toilets will be situated at the viewing platforms. All toilet locations will be noted in the Access Guide.

We always strive for the highest standards, and employ cleaners as well as servicing companies who are on duty throughout the event. However if you find a toilet in an unsatisfactory condition please inform a member of the access team or a member of our crowd management personnel who are easily identifiable by their numbered tabards

While we actively discourage non-disabled customers from using these facilities not all of the toilets are locked or guarded the entire time. We respectfully ask personal assistants with disabled customers not to use the accessible toilets.

Viewing Platform

There will be a Platform Manager based in the Arena who can assist with any problems or queries.

There are a limited number of seats on the viewing platforms. Seating is provided on a first come first served basis.

Personal Assistants are welcome to use the seating on the platforms unless an access customer requires a seat.

The viewing platforms have a very limited capacity and is strictly for access customers plus 1 PA only.

To book your place on the viewing platform you need to complete the Access Requirements form.

There is a wheelchair accessible ramp at the viewing platform.

Charging Points For Wheelchairs

These are available at many of the viewing platforms and inside the information tent in the Campsite. Please check the Access Guide for the exact locations.

Personal Assistant (PA) Ticket Scheme


If a customer is unable to attend the festival without the support from a PA then we will provide an additional PA ticket at no extra cost.

Children and Teens under the age of 16 requiring a Personal Assistant (PA)

For all children or teens under the age of 16 requiring a personal Assistant (PA) please contact us so we can advise.

This ticket can only be approved by the Access Team.

Please do not buy a ticket for your PA as this will not be refunded.

Please apply for your PA ticket using our access requirements application form.

The PA ticket is provided on the expectation that your PA is willing and able to assist you throughout your visit, and would be available and able to help you in the event of an evacuation.

Travel & Parking

We have a dedicated access car park which is located close to the Campsite and the access check in. Parking at this event is limited and is only permitted with the pre-approved Parking Pass provided by the Access Team. Please note there is no charge for Accessible parking, Blue Badge holders must apply in advance for accessible parking.

Pick Up and Drop off Pass

If you are getting a lift to the festival you can apply for a drop off pass which will allow the same access as a car park pass so you and your luggage can be dropped off close to the campsite.

Public Transport

Please see the TRAVEL pages on this website for more information.

If you would like further advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Site Layout and Ground Conditions

Latitude Festival is set in Henham Park. This beautiful parkland has sloping grassy areas that are steep in sections. Be aware there can be large areas with no solid pathways or hard ground.


A Lake is situated in the Main Arena. There are two bridges to gain access across the Lake.


Woodland surrounds the main arena and campsites, with numerous stages in the Woodland Area. Pathways have been cleared through the woodlands, but they are rough and stony in places.


All relevant Disabled Access Distances will be added to the Access Guide.

D/Deaf Customers

BSL – Interpreting Services

A performance interpreting service will be provided by fully qualified interpreters from Performance Interpreting.

Performance Interpreting Schedules will be added to the website closer to the event. An information and welfare service will be available the location will be shared with you in the Access guide.

Hearing loops

Hearing loops will be installed at the Disabled access check in and at some of the platforms in the Arena. Exact locations will be shown in the Access Guide.

Useful Information

Latitude Festival is set in Henham Park. This beautiful parkland has sloping grassy areas that are steep in sections. Be aware there can be large areas with no solid pathways or hard ground.


If you need to bring medication with you, please bring a doctor’s note or a prescription for it if it is not easily recognisable. Please contact the access team should you need more advice or guidance. We will be able to store medicine in our fridge at the check in cabin.

Effect Lighting

Smoke machines, strobe lights, fireworks and other effects may be in use at this event. Anyone affected by these should bear this in mind.

Security & Safety

Crowd Management Personnel are clearly identifiable by their numbered tabards/shirts. They are all issued with a staff handbook so should be able to answer most questions. They are briefed on all aspects of the event and are able to assist and give information.

In the instance of a site evacuation please ensure that your PA is aware that they are your main point of assistance in an emergency evacuation. Crowd management personnel located near the viewing platform will assist in moving everybody to a place of safety.

Temporary Impairments

Please note that our access customer facilities cannot cater to people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, recent injuries and pregnant women. The facilities are for the specific use of access customers and we kindly ask that you please respect this.

Medical & Welfare

Medical and welfare facilities are available to everyone.

There will be signed First Aid points located across the festival site.

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is Everything is a charity set up to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music. We have been working in partnership with them for over 15 years.

Attitude is Everything volunteers run the Information Tent in the Disabled Access Campsite.

Attitude is Everything supports the music industry to make live music events more accessible. Having begun as a pilot project in 2000, they are now a fully independent charity and part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio of Organisations.

Downloadable Web Information

Please click the link below to download the website information.


Contact Us

If you require further assistance or information that cannot be found on the website, please contact a member of the access team:

Post: Access Team, Live Nation, Regent Arcade House, 19 – 25 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TS

Email: [email protected] we aim to respond within 72 hours

Phone: 0207 009 3487 Our phone lines are open from Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm. (If lines are busy please leave a message and we will get back to you.)

Charity Concierge

Charity Concierges will be including the viewing platforms in their rounds this year, and for just £5 (plus the cost of the drinks) will bring you back 4 drinks from the bar. Plus, they get priority service so you won’t have to wait around for your drinks! You can buy Concierge Currency in advance with your ticket at the discounted rate of 5 coins for £20 when you buy your ticket! Alternatively, you can pay the Concierge directly in cash. The Concierges will also be offering a free taxi service to customers with disabled access wristbands from the arena to the campsite and car park!