Latitude Loves… Chilli Jesson

In our Latitude Loves… series, we’re chatting to the hottest up and coming acts from the 2022 line up.

In this edition, we meet Chilli Jesson, who’ll be playing The Alcove stage on Friday.

This is your first time playing Latitude. What are you excited about the most?

This will be our first out-of-city festival that we’ve played for the best part of three years, so there’s a lot to be excited about. We’ve also been recording our record in Suffolk, and Latitude feels like a right of passage with the locals who we’ve met in the pubs around there. “If you’re not on the bill for Latitude you’re a nobody” – that’s what they tell me, so hopefully my popularity will be on the rise amongst the friendly residents.

You’re no stranger to the festival circuit. What do you love most about UK festivals?

I’ve played many festivals all around the world, but nothing competes with the freedom of UK and Irish festivals. There’s a sort of freeing sensation they have over us, unlike anywhere else in the world. No matter what job you have or country you come from, everyone is non-judgementally stripped back to their primitive selves, relying on their basic human capacities to interact with one another, without the facade of daily life. In other countries they don’t seem to be able to leave everything at the front gate like that.

Are there any other acts on the line-up you’re looking forward to seeing?

There are so many great groups and artists that I’m looking forward to seeing, but if I had to pick only a couple it would have to be Phoebe Bridgers and Fontaines D.C.

Which songs of yours are you most excited about playing live?

I would say anything from our debut EP ‘St. Vitamin’. Also by the time we reach Latitude, our new single ‘Circles’ will be out, so that will definitely be a highlight.

We can’t wait for your set on the Alcove Stage. What can festival-goers expect when they come to a Chilli Jesson show?

Probably a life-changing experience. At the few shows we’ve played before, we’ve seen people proposing to each other on the dance floor. We also recently received a direct message stating that after our gig in London a couple had conceived and were going to name the child ‘Chilli’. We’ve also had bands formed at our gigs, with like-minded people coming together. If you’re into this sort of thing, it will be the place to be.

Chilli Jesson will play cinch presents Latitude 2022 alongside headliners Lewis Capaldi, Foals and Snow Patrol! It takes place on 21st-24th July in Henham Park. Tickets are on sale now.