Your Trailer Park Line Up Is Here!

Trailer Park is a mobile-tropolis: a hamlet of absurdity that makes its return to cinch presents Latitude in 2022. With a love of the ridiculous and fantastic, it is a surreal greenhouse for artists and makers to present large-scale acts of creative provocation.

Trailer Park is made up of a gaggle of miniature stages from our Art Caravan Challenge.

It’s home to the hilarious and surreal Mobile Home stage. This is Latitude’s newest live music stage which last year saw the much talked about secret Rick Astley gig. It’s home for bands with a keen sense of mischief. It’s where the ‘unusuals’ come together.

In Trailer Park, there’ll be live music through the afternoon and into the wee hours.

Your line up this year includes:

Trailer Park. No one ever said it had to make sense.

Trailer Park