Your Brand New Trailer Park Line Up

Trailer Park has chosen a baker’s dozen of creations, stuffed into various caravans, horseboxes, mobile homes, and repurposed vehicles, to be assembled into a temporary village. With a weakness for the ridiculous, a surreal oasis in the woods at Henham Park, Trailer Park is a playground for artists and makers to present large-scale acts of creative provocation. Have a look at their brand new line-up below!

Trailer Park Line-Up

Trailer Park’s gaggle of miniature stages will be anchored by seven creations: Pirates of the Caravean, a conversion into a theatrical pirate ship full of raving peg-legs; Carantula, in which an small car is the body of a colossal venomous steel spider; Fire Garden Birdbox, a jurassic-scale skeleton-bird that travels the land breathing fire at all who come close to her metal nest; Cerebral Fortress, a hospital ward under the thumb of a delusional doctor who has a weakness for drum‘n’bass; Cable Car, a real-life alpine snow scene where it is always Apres-Ski O’Clock; Astronauts Caravan, an interstellar journey in which the caravan revolves fully as it travels. And the Mobile Home Stage, in which a front of a ‘static’ has been removed to reveal the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and lounge area of a mobile home… and this is Latitude’s newest live music stage: a home for bands with a keen sense of mischief and a penchant for an uninhibited dance in the woods.

image of a band performing on the mobile home stage last year

Joining us this year are newcomers Electorado, a collective of electrical-engineer nerds who make head-dresses starting with a head torch; Bat Cave an oasis of calm where sunlight cannot be found; Suffolk’s Saucy Seaside featuring a Southwold-inspired beach party; and Dark Horse where festivalers can take and develop group photographs using coffee grounds and soda crystals. And there will, as always, be a surprise or two.

Trailer Park – where the ‘unusuals’ convene.