Who’s Your Daddy? Our Ultimate Countdown of Hits from The Zombies!

If there’s one band whose music seems to transcend time, it’s The Zombies. Their unique blend of baroque pop and psychedelic rock has cemented their legacy in the annals of music history.

This legendary British band consistently receives resurgences in popularity thanks to their classic hits peppered throughout our present life, effortlessly punctuating whatever you may be watching, reading, or listening to.

All of us at the Latitude Head Office are umming and ahhing at what songs we will get to see The Zombies perform at our Obelisk Arena! And it just so happens that we all decided to list what our top five songs we can’t wait to experience live!

Starting Off At 5: “Care Of Cell 44”

Kicking off our list is the cleverly penned “Care of Cell 44.” The song tells a touching story of a letter written to a lover about to be released from prison. The upbeat piano and buoyant bass line create an unexpectedly cheerful atmosphere despite the somber story.

TV buffs might recognise this song from The Walking Dead, played during one of Carol’s sleep-deprived dream sequences.

Moving On Up To 4: “A Rose For Emily”

Inspired by the short story, “A Rose for Emily” is a somber, haunting piece that stands out for its breathy and understated elegance. It’s no wonder that the song has also gone on to be featured as the repeated closing song of the Peabody Award-Winning and highly acclaimed Podcast, “S-Town”.

The cold, clinical piano chords and Blunstone’s melancholic vocals paint a vivid picture of a lonely woman whose pride is her only shield against the world.

And Then There Were 3: “Summertime”

With such a timely and seasonal song name like “Summertime”, this captivating rendition showcases the band’s distinctive style. Just close your eyes and you’ll feel yourself transported to a baking heat, sipping a crisp iced tea, ice cubes clinking with each sip. Colin Blunstone’s sultry and soulful vocals, which bring a fresh, haunting quality to the timeless melody. Filled with rich harmonies, a laid-back groove, and an atmospheric organ that gives the song a dreamy, almost hypnotic feel.

Whatever gender you are, we guarantee you’ll want to frolic down a hill in a summer dress to the tune of this song.

Almost There, At Number 2: “She’s Not There”

This jazz-rock classic was the band’s debut single, and it still holds a powerful grip on listeners. And if you have a keen eye, you’d have spotted this song played in season 3 of The Crown! The uneasy bass line and crisp drumming set the scene for a tale of heartbreak and betrayal. Blunstone’s wounded yet proud vocals tell the story of a beautiful, yet haunting heartbreaker. In 2016, the song achieved legendary status by way of being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Argent’s electric piano solo showcases his impeccable control, elevating the song’s emotional depth to new levels.

Saving The Best Till Last, At Number 1: “Time Of The Season”

No list of The Zombies’ best songs would be complete without “Time of the Season.” This track is the epitome of cool, with its jazzy roots and psychedelic flair. Blunstone’s hazy, laid-back delivery on the verses contrasts beautifully with the crystal-clear harmonies of the chorus.

The slinky bass line and the freewheeling organ solos create an irresistible groove that has made this song an enduring favourite. The song even features in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, introducing it to a whole new audience, proving its timeless appeal.

Catch The Zombies Performing At The Obelisk Arena On Sunday!

The legend of The Zombies has continued to grow, with lead vocalist Colin Blunstone and keyboardist-songwriter Rod Argent each pursuing equally illustrious solo careers.

Blunstone and Argent have since resurrected The Zombies, once again showcasing the band’s enduring appeal and immense talent of its members both individually and collectively.

The Zombies’ music is a testament to their remarkable ability to transport eerily profound narratives musically, creating songs that are both timeless and universally resonant. And if those five reasons don’t convince you to turn up to the Obelisk Arena on Sunday, you’ll have to read from the top again!