Walking On Cars Interview – “You Can Expect A Very Expressive Record”

One of Ireland’s biggest rock bands right now, Walking On Cars, released their sophomore album ‘Colours’ today. We caught up with frontman Patrick Sheehy to discover more about the album and what the band have planned for Latitude 2019.

Walking On Cars‘ first enchanted listeners back in 2016 with their bestselling debut album, ‘Everything This Way’, a record that bristles with emotive hook ladened melodies and lustrously rich sonic landscapes.

The five piece from Kerry, Ireland could have easily repeated the exact same formula for their sophomore album, but the band true to their spirit that’s already won them legions of fans chose to forge a new direction. The result is ‘Colours’ their sophomore album released today, a record that captures your attention instantly with its kaleidoscope of sounds and huge infectious choruses.

Check out our interview with Walking On Cars‘ frontman Patrick Sheehy to find out why recording the album was a cathartic experience, what you can expect from their Obelisk Arena performance at Latitude 2019 and if the band really does love cars.

Your album ‘Colours’ is out today. What can we expect from the album?

You can expect a very expressive record. Sounds that probably shouldn’t be on the same record sitting right next to each other and a few bags of honesty to tie it all together.

You released ‘Monster’ as the lead single from the album. Why did you choose to release this as the first track from the album?

We felt like the tagline on that track was fitting for our return to the scene. “This monsters back in town”.

You speak a lot about personal experiences and problems in your music, for example in ‘Coldest Water’. How much of the new album is written about personal experiences? Do you find it cathartic? 

The whole record is from personal experience, and yes It definitely helps the mind body and soul along singing and playing these tracks.

How have you evolved as a band since your debut album, ‘Everything This Way’? 

I think we have evolved hugely, the last record was written five/six years ago so this record is an evolution from then so I think this record is very different, but still has that essence from the first record.

Which track are you most proud of on the album?

‘Pieces Of You’ is a song I think stands head above the rest on this record.

It’s your first time playing Latitude – what are you most looking forward to at the festival?

Getting on that stage!

Which other artists playing are you looking forward to? 

I can’t wait to see SlavesFreya Ridings is great and I do love a bit of Everything Everything.

You do an amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’. If you could cover a song from one of our headliners – George Ezra, Snow Patrol, or Lana Del Rey – what would it be? 

It has to be ‘Video Games’ by Lana Del Rey.

What can people expect from your Latitude set? 

Energy, honesty , chanting and  a couple of unnecessary guitar solos.

If you could create a new area of Latitude festival, what would it be?  

The Not so VIP section- a nice chilled folk gig with a bonfire, but they only way to get in would be to solve a rubix cube.

Your band name is ‘Walking On Cars’ and you have a hit single called ‘Speeding Cars’. What do you love about cars? 

That was an oversight. We like cars but not more than anyone else likes them.

Catch Walking On Cars in the Obelisk Arena , plus our headliners George Ezra, Stereophonics, Lana Del Rey and many more at Latitude Festival in Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk on 18th-21st July 2019. Weekend and Day tickets on sale