Trailer Park Competition Now Open

Trailer Park’s Caravan Competition is open now!

How would you like to try your luck hosting your own miniature production at Latitude this year – building your own stage/installation, and activating it for the weekend?

We are on the hunt for creative teams to invent, design, build and host their own caravan or mobile structure at Latitude. The most jaw-dropping and inspiring ideas will be given pride of place in the festival, joining the bustling metropolis of Trailer Park, located in the forest by the Waterfront Stage, and now a firm favorite for seasoned Latitude goers.

What’s more, we’re offering bursaries to help bring your amazing ideas to life!

Artists, architects, theatre-makers, performance groups and creators of all sorts, with an appetite for what makes a festival really sing, will be given an opportunity to let their creative hair down. Up to 20 grants (ranging between £400 and £4000 are being offered) for designing, building and presenting your own art caravans.

Trailer Park Image

That’s it really – you turn a caravan (or a vehicle/trailer with wheels that can come and go) into something implausibly wonderful, and we will give it a home from home, in Trailer Park.

Your design proposals will be read by our judging panel, and we’ll choose the best ideas and work with you to bring your designs into being. If all goes according to plan, you will then come – with a team of your friends – to host the creation at Latitude.

The deadline for entries is 14th March, so it’s time to get creative!

Caravan Image


These grants are not for your labour; they are for materials or skills that you do not have! We are looking for projects that stand on their own as installations, independent of performances or activities, although these may well accompany and complete the installation. They do not need to be roadworthy, but it would definitely help if they were. Most importantly, they need to be safe. They need to be about the design of the exterior as well as the interior, and applicants should think about lighting as the area operates at night-time as well as daytime.

Please note that this project will require a significant time investment, and the ability to meet firm deadlines, and is going to need to be fuelled by artistic and practical passion.

The number of crew passes permitted to host your venue for the duration of the festival is 10, and these include camping.

In your application – the process is very straightforward and not at all taxing – think about your visuals as well as your words. We prefer sketches to CAD drawings. Your budget need only be a few lines of indicative spending.

You do need to be free for the weekend itself, and to deliver your entry onto site, ideally the weekend beforehand (15th/16th July)

Spider Installation

Past Submissions

To give you a sense of the company you might be keeping, some of the incredible ideas that have materialised are listed below. Have a look because they will give you a sense of scale and expectation.

To Let – A team of real estate agents try to sell a decrepit caravan to passers-by.

Caravan Club Extravaganza – the front side folds down to become a cabaret stage for performances.

Terrible Terry’s Jail – A caravan with jail bars on the windows for misbehaving festival goers, who then have to find the escape plan.

Quizivan – a game show quiz complete with sparkly-suited host in an open-sided caravan.

Narnia – into a caravan… and out the back is a snowy kingdom.

Gangsta Granny – A collection of senior ladies knitting everything that moves, and serving tea to a hip-hop soundtrack.

Pirates of the Caravean – a conversion into a theatrical pirate ship full of raving peg-legs

Cable Car – a caravan reworked into a cable car in the Alps, perfect for an Apres Ski party

Glam Pigs – a glamorous suburban scene, inhabited by gorgeous, sassy, very vain pigs

Carantula – a small car suspended 10 feet in the air – by 8 steel spider legs

How do I enter?

Click the application link below.

Please read our  FAQ’s and our T&C’s.

If you still have questions, email