Top Tips For Sustainability During The Pandemic

Here at Latitude HQ, we’re committed to making our festival as sustainable as possible. We’re aiming to end the sale of single use plastics on site from next year, and cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 (see our Sustainability Charter).

With the help of our Head Of Sustainability Vikki Chapman, here’s our top tips for staying eco-conscious – during and after the pandemic!

cut down on waste

Did you take part in Plastic Free July?  Now we’re at home a lot more, how about carrying out a plastic audit? Note down the amount of single use plastic you consume for one week and then look into whether there are alternatives you can use – or better still, if there is a zero waste shop near you! You could even do a full bin audit if you’re up for a challenge.

Another way to cut down on waste is to give fast fashion the boot. Looking to switch up your wardrobe? Try organising a clothes shop with friends, or buying second hand from online shops like Depop. It’s a great way to save money too!


shop local

In these trying times, it’s more important than ever to support local businesses. Buying local is also often better for the planet! Goods that have been produced in your local area can have a much lower carbon footprint than goods that have been flown in from around the world. Plus, you’ll be helping out the people who need it most.

Don’t fancy going to the shops? Why not sign up for a seasonal veg box scheme? Vikki loves Oddbox, but you could also research your area to see if there’s one local to you.


become an online activist

We loved hosting Extinction Rebellion at Latitude last year. They recently held 10 days of protest in cities across the UK to demand action on climate change. As part of this, Caroline Lucas presented the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill to Parliament, setting out positive actions that can be taken to avoid catastrophe. We need more MPs to back this to turn it into law.

To quote Music Declares Emergency, there will be no music on a dead planet. You can help by writing to your local MP to ask them to back the #CEEBill. Find out more here.

Extinction Rebellion

buy a reusable mask

Disposable plastic masks unfortunately can’t usually be recycled – which means they’ll end up in landfill. If you’ve not got one yet, why not get one from the Latitude store? Our fabric masks feature the iconic Latitude sheep, and are a perfect way to represent your fave festival!

Of course, sometimes using a disposable mask is unavoidable. But if you have to wear one, remember to snip the straps before you put it in the bin! The loops can get tangled round the beaks and feet of birds and other wildlife, which can be fatal for them. And if you do see masks and PPE being dumped, why not take part in the Trashtag Challenge?

For more top tips, check out these great ideas from Greenpeace.