Top 5 MARINA Videos

Welsh pop superstar MARINA is well known for her stunning music videos. In preparation for what is sure to be a spectacular set at Latitude this summer, we’re counting down the Top 5 MARINA videos.

1. orange trees

The gorgeous video for ‘Orange Trees’ is like summer encapsulated in three minutes. Beautiful beaches, colourful flowers and stunning sunsets – not to mention an irrepressibly infectious hook. Whenever we watch this, we want summer to come NOW.

2. Hollywood

Marina goes all-American in the video for ‘Hollywood’, with stars, stripes and pom-poms galore. The singer’s breakout single skyrocketed and resulted in her debut album, ‘The Family Jewels’, reaching number five on the UK Albums Chart back in 2010. Look out for lookalikes of American icons in the video including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and even Barack Obama.

3. to be human

The latest video from Marina, ‘To Be Human’, takes a very different turn from her other work. It features vintage footage from unforgettable events like the bombing of Hiroshima and the Apollo 11 moon landing, interspersed with shots from modern day Pride parades and gun control marches, whilst Marina reflects on the human condition.

4. primadonna

One of Marina’s biggest hits, ‘Primadonna’, is accompanied by a kooky video featuring big chandeliers and even bigger hair. The video was shot as part of a series of eleven videos – one for each track on Marina’s second album, ‘Electra Heart’. The video was also the first appearance of Marina’s iconic cheek heart make-up.

5. blue

‘Blue’, the final single from Marina’s third album ‘Froot’, has a delightfully retro video that sends you zooming straight back to a bygone era. Fairground rides, fortune tellers, and of course some incredible outfits all feature in one of Marina’s most colourful and fun videos.

Catch MARINA at Latitude Festival 2019, taking place in the gorgeous Henham Park on 19th-21st July. She’ll be joining spectacular headliners George Ezra, Stereophonics, and Lana Del Rey.