Theatre, conversations, podcasts, poetry…

Championing creativity, diversity, and artistic brilliance, we are delighted to bring you a host of new names to our 18th edition. From theatrical excellence on our Theatre Arena, to a vibrant array of podcasts, poets and conversations on our Listening Post and The Outpost, to one of the UK’s top comedy voices and more, Barclaycard presents Latitude promises an unforgettable summer weekend with delights to discover at every corner.


Leftfield comedy genius Stewart Lee makes a welcome Latitude return. Stewart Lee is “the world’s greatest living stand-up” according to The Times, “the world’s second greatest living stand-up, after Bo Burnham”, according to The Daily Telegraph, and an “alleged comedian”, according to Sarah Vine in The Daily Mail. He performs material from his 1989 set, followed by a work in progress of his new 2025 touring show Stewart Lee vs The Man-Wulf.


Glistening indie-pop newcomers Good Neighbours bring their infectious sounds to our Sunrise Arena line up. Fresh off the success of their breakout hit “Home,” the band’s upbeat energy and sun-drenched swagger is tailor-made for Latitude. Welsh Music Prize winner, Georgia Ruth, is poised to captivate the Latitude audience with an enchanting performance as she takes to our Second Stage. Drawing inspiration from the evocative sounds of 60s Americana, Georgia Ruth’s music promises to transport listeners on a profound musical journey.


Experience the magic of theatre and performance at Latitude with an electrifying lineup that promises to captivate and enthral audiences of all ages. An Evening Without Kate Bush is the award-winning cult cabaret that invites attendees to immerse themselves in the ethereal world of one of Britain’s most influential voices. Led by the talented Sarah-Louise Young, this unique show celebrates the music, fans and mythology of Kate Bush in a way that’s both joyful and mind-blowing. Young also presents I Am Your Tribute, where tribute acts take centre stage in a choose-your-own-adventure cabaret, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of tribute performers. Expect music, wigs and wonderment.

Jade Anouka’s Heart delves into the depths of love, loss, and self-discovery through a raw and honest exploration. With poetic storytelling and live music by UK Beatbox champion Grace Savage, this groundbreaking play celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of human connection. Luke Wright returns with Joy, a collection of poems that ponder the nature of happiness and the joys of everyday life. Through his vibrant and urgent storytelling, Wright invites audiences to contemplate the possibility of pure, unbridled happiness, weaving together themes of family, fatherhood, and the sheer delight of language itself. Shôn-Dale Jones presents Cracking, a heart-warming, thought-provoking and uplifting blend of stand-up comedy and theatre that explores the complexities of love and hate in the digital age.

Wright & Grainger bring four captivating shows to Latitude, each offering a unique perspective on ancient myths and modern storytelling: Helios transplants the Ancient Greek tale into a modern-day myth wound around the winding roads of rural England and into the everyday living of a towering city. Half Man Half Bull offers a retelling of two Ancient Greek Myths as a double album and Orpheus is a tale of impossible, death-defying love told through hair raising spoken word and soaring acoustic soul music, in a world of dive bars, side streets and ancient gods.

Conversations, Podcasts & Poetry

This year, we are excited to present a vibrant line up of podcasts, conversations, and ideas, showcasing diverse voices and celebrating human experience. Comedian Adam Buxton hosts a live edition of The Adam Buxton Podcast with special guest, and this year’s comedy headliner, Jo Brand. Buxton’s signature ‘rambly’ style combines humour and depth as he chats with celebrities, and his knack for giving guests room to breathe allows for candid and insightful conversations. Ryan Broderick brings a live edition of Garbage Day, his newsletter on internet culture, to life, exploring memes, technology, and online phenomena with humour and insight on The Outpost.

Historian William Dalrymple and author Anita Anand bring their acclaimed podcast Empire to life at Latitude, delving into the rise and fall of empires. Delving into intriguing stories, personalities, and events, they explore the fundamental questions of how empires rise, fall, and impact the world today. Diggory Waite and his mother, sex therapist Cate Campbell, present a live episode of hit podcast The Real Sex Education, discussing sexual education experiences with humour and openness, challenging taboos.

Alongside Joy, Luke Wright also returns to the Listening Post, unravelling modern Britain’s complexities with bold verses. As a founding member of Aisle16, he rejuvenated spoken word. With acclaimed collections and “After Engine Trouble” winning the Saboteur Award, Wright solidifies his legacy as a celebrated British poet.

Anxiety expert Joshua Fletcher, known as Anxiety Josh, shares his expertise in managing anxiety. Josh has authored three best-selling books on self-help for anxiety (And How Does That Make You Feel?, Anxiety: Panicking About Panic and Untangle your Anxiety) earning him a substantial social media following. Author and comedian Marc Burrows celebrates the 40th anniversary of Sir Terry Pratchett‘s iconic Discworld series, taking us on a comical yet insightful journey through the life and works of the beloved writer.

Maya Oppenheim discusses her compelling debut The Pocket Guide to the Patriarchy, a compelling exploration of gender inequality. Leading travel journalist Ash Bhardwaj explores the motivations behind travel, reflecting on personal growth and transformative experiences from his debut book Why We Travel, and Dr. Mya-Rose Craig, Birdgirl, shares her journey as a birder and environmental activist, inspiring audiences to embrace birdwatching and environmental advocacy.

Acclaimed playwright Anders Lustgarten discusses his debut novel, Three Burials, navigating contemporary Britain with humour and insight, offering a reflection on modern life. Joanna Neary returns with BookTalkBookTalkBook, an absurdist parody of awkward live author events; an exploration of artificial intelligence and the creative process. Writer, poet and podcaster Ella McLeod joins us at The Listening Post.

Across the Arts

Almost Synchro are a group of Bristol-based swimmers, united by a passion for outdoor swimming, returning to perform in the Latitude lake. And Remember We Care… return to Latitude for their 15th year and are bringing two shows – A Memorial service for the Conservative Party as well as audience favourite – Danny Does The Crossword! where the audience has 40 minutes to complete a specially created, bespoke cryptic crossword. Creative Quests will be inviting audiences to set out on an adventure of curiosity, play & discovery across the festival, whilst Masterclass TRH will be presenting a series of creative workshops and opportunities to engage with the arts industry. Audiences will have plenty more opportunities to make and create themselves with workshops from artists including Geo Knits Slow, The Henham Tree Ring Project, Sharon Chin Festival Bunting, as well as Character Design and Life Drawing from Norwich University of the Arts.

We can’t wait to welcome you for a magical summer weekend. Day and Weekend tickets to Barclaycard presents Latitude are on sale now.