The Carlsberg Danish Quarter is returning to Latitude

The Carlsberg Danish Quarter is returning to Latitude, bringing you a taste of Copenhagen.

At Carlsberg, we know a better tomorrow starts with a better beer. And everyone knows a better summer starts with a better festival.

It may not be easy to improve on a weekend packed with the world’s finest music, theatre, dance, comedy, cabaret, food and art. But we’re always determined to try. So we’ll be returning to Latitude Festival this year with our unmissable Danish Quarter, bringing a corner of Copenhagen to a festival full of fascinating quirks to make your weekend the best yet.

But that’s not all. This year, we want to share our most important secrets with you. Lucky Latitude goers can sign up in advance to our Carlsberg Brew Lab and learn the art of our new brew for themselves in workshops on Friday and Saturday. Our Brew Master James Wipperman will guide the beer buffs through the craft of the brewing process, revealing the different brewing techniques used across the range of Carlsberg beers. Using a range of hop oils, he’ll show just how Carlsberg created our new Pilsner and exactly how we made a beer that lives up to its promise. But of course, we’d never expect you to just take our word for it. So our budding brewers can put their tastebuds to the test and sample a range of different beers for themselves. Because a free pint makes every festival better.

Beer can make the world a better place at Latitude too. At Carlsberg, we’re already setting a greener standard by changing the inks on our packaging for easier recycling and introducing our new Snap Pack to eliminate traditional plastic wrapping. Now we want to spread the word. So on Sunday morning, we’ll be hosting our compelling The Carlsberg Better World workshop in the Danish Quarter, pre-bookable, so you can make a difference too. Because we can all do better. Sustainability activist Lizzie Carr talks rubbish for a living, literally. The founder of Plastic Patrol is on a mission to remove one million pieces of plastic from our beautiful planet. Come along, learn about her journey and join her army of plastic patrollers! A complimentary 330ml can of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Expørt is available for pre-booked places.


Of course, the tunes won’t stop all weekend either. We’ll be hosting the very best DJ sets across the weekend alongside exclusive live performances from our favourite new acts. Join us on Friday afternoon for a stunning set from supremely talented Northampton singer songwriter Hana Brooks, whose soulful vocals reveal a wisdom beyond her years. Then don’t miss Honeyblood on Saturday, fresh from the release of new album ‘In Plain Sight’. Their most ambitious record yet, the album sees Stina Tweeddale step forward to claim the project as her sole vision after seven years. Finally on Sunday, rising folk superstar in the making Billy Lockett will be winning hearts with his heart-warming piano ballads including single ‘Every Time You’re High’.

The place to be at Latitude? Probably.