Latitude Loves… Stuart McPherson

In our Latitude Loves series, we’re showcasing the best in music, arts, theatre and comedy from across the festival.

This time we’re chatting to Scottish stand-up comedian, actor and writer Stuart McPherson! Read on for his musings on podcast hosting, his first time at Latitude, and what inspires his material…

1. This is your first time performing at Latitude, what are you excited for most about the festival?

This is actually my second time performing at Latitude and I’m upset you don’t remember me (jkjkjk). I did 5 minutes here as part of a new comedian’s competition in 2015. It was something like my 15th or 20th gig and was to 2000 people, a size of audience I have not performed to since. I’m excited to come back 8 years older and better and play to presumably significantly fewer people. I’m also excited to see Pulp.

2. You’re no stranger to the infamous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, do you have a favourite experience from performing at the festival over the years?

I always look back on the night out we had when Stephen Buchanan won the BBC New Comedy Award most fondly.

3. You’re a co-host of two podcasts (Some Laugh and What’s The Script)! How does writing comedy for a podcast compare to writing for stand up?

I’m flattered that you think that there might be some writing going on for Some Laugh. I respect the writing of stand up as a craft and it’s that that excites me most about this job. Having a new idea for a routine and trying it out and it getting a laugh is such a genuine thrill every time.

Sitting around on podcasts talking is worthwhile as it forces you to be truly yourself and trust that if you keep talking and listening, something funny will come. With stand up you have more control and are able to put greater thought into it. To me they feel like two distinct disciplines.

4. What inspires your material?

I’d love to be more surreal but as time’s gone on I’ve learned that I’m quite a straightforward man who is inspired by whatever is in front of me. It’s all about my life in one way or another. I always seem to end up talking about my love life and my flat. I always end up referencing Shrek as well for some reason. I’m very inspired by Shrek.

5. Describe your stand-up style in three words:

Gag-driven, honest, wordy


image of stuart mcpherson

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