Latitude Loves… Rising Stars

Welcome back to Latitude Loves…, our weekly series where we talk about some of the most exciting acts on our stacked line-up. This week, we’re focusing on three up-and-coming artists whom you can catch in Henham Park this summer!

Wasia Project

Do you get sick and tired of your siblings after five minutes together? Try starting a band with them. That’s exactly what vocalist Olivia Hardy and pianist Will Gao (whom you might recognise from Netflix’s Heartstopper!) did in 2019. And, with numerous sold-out shows around the world under their belts, Wasia Project seem to have done pretty well for themselves. The siblings blend their shared classical musical training with their affinity for pop and jazz and add a dash of cinematic buoyancy, with Will’s staccato piano complimenting Olivia’s phenomenal voice, resulting in pure musical magic. Wasia Project released their latest single ‘Petals on the Moon’ in February, which will be followed by ‘My Lover is Sleeping’, out on May 18th.

Wasia Project (Olivia Hardy and Will Gao) sat on a Subway train wearing coats and scarves

Ania Magliano

Ania Magliano has established herself as one of the buzziest new names on the UK comedy circuit astonishingly quickly. Her career took off during lockdown as her front-facing comedy shorts exploded online – just a couple of years after that, her debut hour Absolutely No Worries If Not won the Best New Show award at the 2022 Leicester Comedy Festival, followed by a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe. Highlights from the show include Ania’s wry, deadpan observations on “horse girls”, Lush and Jacqueline Wilson books; all set against a backdrop of vulnerability as she divulges her fear of loneliness (which, as she explains, is easily remedied by buying a cat from Gumtree).

Ania Magliano wearing a black and white cardigan stood against a red background


One of many Barclaycard Presents Latitude performers set to join us from across the pond, Girpuppy – real name Becca Harvey – is one of the most exciting names on our line-up. Her output spans a number of genres, but it’s her masterful lyricism and ability to articulate the most complex of emotions that has elevated her to rising star status. From the slow, blues-infused ‘Surprise Me’ to the retro-pop ‘I Miss When I Smelled Like You’, Girlpuppy’s repertoire is diverse; but it’s clear that musings on falling in and out of love are her forte. Her haunting, angelic vocals elevate her gut-wrenchingly frank lyrics, resulting in an ethereal, raw baring of her heart and soul.

Girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) sat down against a white backdrop

Latitude is famed for cultivating artists who have gone on to make their name as huge stars in the UK music and comedy circuits, and we can’t wait to see what our featured artists do next! You can catch all of these performers and many, many more at Barclaycard Presents Latitude 2023 in July – be sure to grab your tickets now!