Latitude Loves… Michelle de Swarte

In our Latitude Loves series, we’re showcasing the best in music, arts, theatre and comedy from across the festival.

This week, we’re chatting with South-London born comedian and actress Michelle de Swarte about her pre-show playlist, hopes for her first time at Latitude and the differences between New York and London stand-up!

1. This is your first time performing at Latitude, what are you excited for most?

This is my first time performing at Latitude and I’m most excited about getting to hang out with other comics. It’s not often we are all on a line-up this big and don’t have a gig to run off to after, so to get to camp and watch other acts all while having a massive catch up is the work dream, really.

2. Tell us about your typical working day in the writing stages for you?

A typical day writing for me is going into the office in Soho and staring at the wall for a full hour before I get anything down, I have now accepted that staring at a wall is actually part of my writing process.

3. Does Music and Art influence your writing?

Music and art absolutely influences my writing process. Sometimes just in terms of the palate cleanser / brain holiday it provides.

4. You’ve been involved in the comedy scenes in both New York and London, are there any noticeable differences between the two?

I started to do stand-up when I lived in NYC, and moving back to London was an adjustment. I’m a Londoner through and through but I had a lot of American-“issums” that didn’t necessarily translate and quite frankly sounded a bit weird in a heavy south London accent without the context of the location.

5. What music is on your pre-show playlist right now?

Pre-show music for me is normally late 90’s hip hop or 70’s funk.

6. What five comedy shows should we be checking out this season?

This year I highly recommend checking out  Ed Gamble, Fern Brady, Athena Kugblenu, Mary O’Connell and Thanyia Moore.

image of michelle de swarte

Catch Michelle de Swarte performing at Barclaycard presents Latitude 2023! Tickets on sale now.