Latitude Loves… Mary O’Connell

Mary O’Connell took to the stage at London’s Pleasance Theatre this week to give us a preview of her upcoming Edinburgh Fringe debut, Money Princess.

Mary O'Connell

The “North London socialite” has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with on the comedy circuit, having been a New Act of the Year 2018 finalist, BBC Funny Women 2020 runner-up and, last year, winner of the OnlyFans Creative Fund – she’s certainly an act to look out for at Barclaycard Presents Latitude.

Mary’s formidable stage presence is clear from the get-go, as she saunters on stage in a bright pink blazer and glittering Rolex-shaped earrings, dishing out (sadly fake) banknotes to audience members. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what this show’s about. Money is the focal of the show – specifically, how Mary’s self-admitted obsession with shopping and consumerism comes into conflict with her resistance towards capitalism. There isn’t a shred of pretence or sanctimony throughout the set, and her blunt honesty amounts to a breath of fresh air. From blunt, observational takes on the ennui of office jobs to zanier perspectives on waterfalls and Getty images, with a smattering of DIY tech serving as a reliable running gag, her comedic voice is incisive and achingly relatable.

However, behind this dismissive swagger lies something deeper. Mary’s aloofness seems to mask a sense of profound uncertainty about money and frustration with feelings of insecurity in the 2020s – concerns which are all-too-familiar with millennials and Gen-Z. She’s entirely self-aware as she describes her shallow obsession with shopping – because when owning a home seems like a distant dream, reckless spending feels like the way to go. Or maybe we just shouldn’t buy so many avocados.

Mary is one of the dozens of incredible comedians we’ve got on our 2023 lineup, from household names to rising stars, and we’re delighted to have her join us in Henham Park in July. Sunday day tickets are already completely sold out – limited weekend, Friday and Saturday tickets are still available, so be sure to grab yours before it’s too late!