Latitude Loves… Joe Sutherland

In our Latitude Loves series, we’re showcasing the best in music, arts, theatre and comedy from across the festival.

This time we’re chatting to comedian, actor, writer and unofficial Greggs vegan sausage roll brand ambassador Joe Sutherland! Read on  for an insight into his pre-show playlist, what he loves about Latitude and his brief stint on EastEnders.

Lovely to meet you, Joe! You’ve attended Latitude in the past, what is your favourite thing about the festival?

“Leaning into the vibe. At most festivals the drink of choice is a cider, but being able to wander the fields of Latitude with a carafe of rosé in hand feels much more ‘me’.”

What tunes are on your pre-show playlist right now?

“Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero and Beyoncé’s Church Girl, just to find the perfect midpoint between self deprecation and audacious of self love.”

Tell us about your time as an EastEnders star…

“You mean my starring role in episode 6059, aired January 10th 2020? I played a busybody beauty pageant judge. The character was fairly flat, his bio might as well have just read, ‘gay’ but by god did I give that nervous little twink some gravitas.”

What excites you most about stand-up?

“Performing on gay cruises. I’ve found my place and it is the ocean.”

What comedy shows should we be checking out this season?

“Apologies to my peers but I’m not going to use this valuable marketing platform to promote anyone else. You should check out my new show, Joe Sutherland is Cancelled, coming soon.”

What’s your go-to Greggs order?

“Vegan sausage roll. Two on a rosé hangover.”


Catch Joe Sutherland performing live in the Comedy Arena at Latitude 2023!