Instalment Plans For Latitude 2021 Are Available Now!

Watching the pennies, but want to make sure you’re in Henham Park this summer? Don’t worry – you can still get a Latitude 2021 ticket with our Instalment Plan!

When you buy a ticket on the Instalment Plan, the cost of your ticket is split into three affordable payments. Find out how it works below.

It’s easy as pie. Just head over to the Tickets page, and choose the Instalment Plan option for your chosen ticket (Standard or Family camping). Then you’ll just need to go to the checkout, and the ticket is yours!

You’ll only pay £70 at the checkout (plus service charge and handling fees). If you buy between now and 30th April, these will be the dates your payments are taken:

  • 1st payment: £70.00 due immediately (plus service charge, handling and delivery fee)
  • 2nd payment: £70.00 due June 1st
  • 3rd payment: £70.00 due July 1st

Now you can relax! You’ve booked your ticket for the most magical weekend of the summer!