Good News

Hello Latitude friends,

I promised you an update before the end of the week and thank heavens I’m able to do that.

It’s been a long week after the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday and while I was disappointed in the immediate aftermath of the statement, on reflection, I think it actually gives much more certainty of Latitude being able to happen than if he had loosened things on Monday because the country will have strangled the variant’s ability to spread to a greater degree through increased vaccination than if we had opened fully this coming Monday.

So, for much of the week I have been in conversation with Government on Latitude in particular and I’m very confident after those talks that Latitude will be able to go ahead. There will be more detail on the specifics next week but with this in mind, we will be announcing even more artists and day splits tomorrow as a demonstration of my confidence.

More details will follow but we’ll 100% keep you updated every step of the way. We’re very excited – it’s really happening!