Five reasons to get involved with Trailer Park


Does art and design peak your interest? Fancy creating a sculpture that will be displayed at this year’s Latitude? Then we’ve got just the thing for you!

Join us at the lovely Trailer Park, the place for all arts, crafts and creative expression. But don’t wait around, the deadline to apply is getting closer! If you’re still unsure, we’ve gathered a list of top five reasons why you should get involved with Trailer Park. Read them below and we’ll see you at Henham Park this July.

Caravan image
  1. It’s an art exhibition and you have been commissioned! Want to create a sculptural installation which could include a theatrical performance with a guaranteed audience? Trailer Park is just the thing for you!
  2. Take part in developing the festival experience! You’ll get to spend four or five days on-site before the festival opens to see how it all comes together.
  3. Get you and your friends into Latitude for free!  If your sculpture gets chosen, you’ll be given nine tickets for the festival.
  4. You get to create! Trailer Park encourages you to make something original and own it.
  5. The company! Hang out with late night party goers. Trailer Park is the naughty step of Latitude. Be the last to go to bed. Run away with the Circus (but safely) and think about going home later.

Need anymore reasons to join Trailer Park? We don’t think so! Click the link below to get involved now!