Camp In Style With Latitude Luxury

Latitude Luxury’s broad range of boutique camping options allow you to relax in comfort and style while you enjoy the festival atmosphere.

From yurts and tipis to cosy wooden cabins, Latitude Luxury will have an option to suit you.

Camping with Latitude Luxury doesn’t just mean staying in exquisite accommodation. You’ll have access to a wealth of VIP facilities including a welcome drink, complimentary breakfast each morning and concierge staff to assist you with your luggage.

what are the accommodation options?

Check into one of these lavish Latitude Luxury options and get ready to soak up the festival atmosphere – without the crowds.

what else is included?

Latitude Luxury offers not just boutique camping options, but a full VIP experience, including:

  • Free parking
  • Concierge to assist with your luggage
  • 24-hour reception
  • Complimentary welcome drink on arrival
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Complimentary breakfast every morning (Friday-Monday)
  • Chill out area with acoustic live lounge
  • Proper toilets and warm showers
  • Spa and salon treatments – available to book
  • Self-service pamper tent
  • Kids cinema tent
  • Secret Bar (in the main arena)

Book your Latitude Luxury package today and start planning your magical experience at Latitude 2020.