6 Things You Can Expect from The Chemical Brothers Live

The Chemical Brothers are bringing their spectacular multisensory live show to Latitude 2020 next summer.

Ahead of their headline performance, we’re taking a look at 6 Things You Can Expect from The Chemical Brothers Live to galavanise us for their show in Henham Park.

1. Mind blowing visuals

The Chemical Brothers’ visuals and light show have always been iconic. And, that’s owed to the work over the past 25 years of Show Directors, Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall.

In an interview with Dezeen, Smith described the visuals and lights for the shows as “ridiculously ambitious for a touring festival”. And, if you’ve been lucky enough to see The Chemical Brothers latest arena tour you’ll know why. The visuals projected onto a 15×15 metre LED screen are more like fully-formed films that combine human movement with cutting-edge CGI to transport you to another world.

For the visuals for ‘Galvanise’ dancer Akram Khan was recorded with motion captured and overlayed with CGI effects to be transformed into a kinetic being. Whilst, ‘Eve Of Destruction’ sees superheroes inspired by Japanese TV doing battle to the track’s house heavy synths.

Seeing is really believing when it comes to The Chemical Brothers live.

2. All the lasers

A Chemical Brothers’ show wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular lighting to accompany the visuals. Lyall and Smith spent a month programming the light show to be perfectly in sync with the visuals and music.

Catch The Chemical Brothers live and you can be assured to be transfixed by walls of strobes, cones of green lasers and beams of light shooting out at you from the screens.

And, it’s something The Chemical Brothers have committed themselves to delivering at every show. Speaking to Semi Permanent, Smith said “It’s a testament to [Chemical Brothers] Tom and Ed that they’ve allowed for this play and freedom to happen…They’re truly giving the audience the most full-on sensory experience they could possibly give.”

3. Giant Robots with (you guessed it) more lasers

Who doesn’t want to see real life giant robots with lasers for eyes? The robots that appear in The Chemical Brothers show when ‘Under The Influence’ drops have become legendary.

But, how did these robots come into being? Adam Smith is here to explain. “We went to the production manager and said ‘can we have some giant robots on stage?’, Smith told Semipermanent. “And the first words that came out of his mouth were ‘can they have lasers coming out of their eyes?'”.

We cannot thank that production manager enough as we can’t wait to have the robot’s eyes shine out over us at Latitude 2020.


4. Chemical Classics

At a show by The Chemical Brothers you can guarantee that Tom and Ed will pack in classic tracks from their two decade strong career. At their recent UK arena shows, the duo dropped ‘Hey Boy/Hey Girl’, ‘Galvanise’, ‘Song To The Siren’ and ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ to name a few.

It’s like being put in a time machine and being transported back to when The Chemical Brothers made up the big four of dance acts alongside The Prodigy, Leftfield and Orbital.

Now, just close your eyes and imagine these massive tunes playing out in Henham Park next July.

5. Brand new bangers

Earlier this year The Chemical Brothers released their hotly-anticipated ninth album, ‘No Geography’. Listen to the record and you know it was born to be played live. ‘Got To Keep On’ has the euphoric energy of a festival and you can almost see the lasers as the big beats of title track, ‘No Geography’ fill your ears. 

It’s no surprise that the set lists of The Chems’ latest shows have been heavy on tracks from ‘No Geography’.

6. A euphoric unifying experience

There are few shows that can compare to The Chemical Brothers live and how they bring a crowd together. Ed and Tom may be hidden in darkness as the visuals take centre stage, but there’s no doubt the duo are with the crowd all of the way.

Their shows are still as much of a religious experience as they are a rave. And, there’s no feeling quite like shouting “hey boy, hey girl” whilst dancing with your hands raised to the night sky.

Get your tickets now to watch The Chemical Brothers when they headline Latitude 2020 alongside Liam Gallagher and HAIM on 16th-19th July 2020 in Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk.