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Join author and comedian Marc Burrows on a journey through the life and work of Sir Terry Pratchett, based on his Locus Award-winning biography and officially endorsed by the author’s estate. Explore Pratchett’s life, influences, impact, wit and wisdom, from his days as a school librarian to his time as a trainee journalist to his untimely death from Alzheimers in 2015.

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Discworld and discover the joy, anger, and delicious cock‘n’ bull stories of one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Warning: includes bad puns and unnecessary footnotes.

Three Weeks: ‘Burrows does a fantastic job of navigating both the super-fan and the novice through the story of Pratchett’s life, work and legacy’

Starburst Magazine: ‘Funny, clever and profound’

Broadway Baby: ‘Brace yourself to be enchanted, amused, and inspired by the life and legacy of this remarkable author.’