On Stage

Sunrise Arena


“When you’re aging, and those around you are aging – people get sick, and people die,” Kevin
Drew says. “There’s no real way to convey your pain or grief without being self-indulgent within
the high-five denial – but regardless of the personal details, it’s a reality.”

Aging, the third solo album from the co-founder of Toronto’s beloved indie-rock collective
Broken Social Scene, was the inevitable title of Drew’s meditative new record – because he was
living everything that comes with it.

Compared to his shambolic solo debut Spirit If (2007), with its 23-piece band and romantic
musings, to the black-light synth-pop-tinged Darlings (2014) and its carnal obsessions, Aging’s
collection of minimalist piano ballads is darker and more contemplative than anything Drew has
released before.