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Trailer Park Stage


Gonora Sounds is a family band that has been busking on the streets of Zimbabwe since 2004. Entertaining thousands of commuters with their street beat dubbed Gonora Sounds by regular revellers. The band is led by blind singer/songwriter Daniel Gonora, a wizard on the guitar with his drumming protege son Isaac on drums. In recent years, the band has extended to include seasoned musicians such as Nelson “Mr Longman” Mutanda on lead guitar and Malizani Mbewe on bass. Daniel and Isaac’s street performances have garnered millions of views online, and a growing international fanbase.

The father and son duo feature in multi award winning documentary  ‘You Can’t Hide From The Truth” which tells their story. For more than two decades, Daniel has pieced together a living for himself and his family, a disabled man playing for the world’s most beleaguered currency’s pocket change. He is one of the few remaining members of Zimbabwe supergroup Jairos Jiri Band, a group that tragically fell apart as successive members passed away since their heyday on the early 90s.