On Stage

Obelisk Arena


Crash bang wallop: Frank Turner has better reason than most to kickstart the new year with a euphoric punk-rock clatter. And that’s exactly what he did with brilliantly contrary and playfully snotty new track No Thank You For The Music, released on his 42ndbirthday on28thDecember. “It’s about the idea that it’s good to remind yourself every now and again that being part of underground culture means, among other things, being unpopular,” he explains cheerfully.

So, 2024 is a leap year. That means that this touring musicians’ touring musician–a road warrior who’s been out there, playing somewhere, since 1998 and who, after starting gigging when he was 16, didn’t go home for a decade–has one extra day to play with, and play on. And you know he’ll use it.

Outlier, pioneer, punk-rock road-warrior who’d do this 366 days a year if he could: he knew that struggle better than most of his peers. But he is the undefeated Frank Turner, 42 years young, and he’s ready to smash it all over again in 2024. You know he’s filled that extra dayalready