On Stage


SPLICE explores connection and architecture between two bodies as they configure themselves between restriction and possibility, solving a physical puzzle. The work is choreographed and performed by Ekleido which is made up of Hannah Ekholm and Faye Stoeser, with an original score by world-renowned Electronic musician Floating Points.​

The movement language takes influences from both Faye and Hannah’s vocabularies combining contemporary dance and underground club styles including Voguing, Threading and Bone-Breaking. Beginning with the idea of tangled ropes or headphones that splice themselves like magic without you watching, we explore how that mystery occurs as well as how different textures and elasticities of the wires would act whilst intertwined and how that translates to human limbs.

Ekleido’s SPLICE has been programmed at The Place, Lilian Baylis, Fairfield Halls and Sadler’s Wells for the worlds biggest international Festival of Hip Hop dance theater Breakin’ Convention.