On Stage

Sunrise Arena


cumgirl8 met in a sex chat 8000 years ago in another metaverse. Made up of Lida Fox (bass),
Veronika Vilim (guitar), Chase Lombardo (drums), and Avishag Rodrigues (guitar), the band
started as an art collective in 2019 before coming together to create a boundary-less sound,
drawing from the likes of ESG, Cocteau Twins, Suicide, CSS, B-52s, The Shangri-Las, Chris &
Cosey, Madonna, and many more.

As reflected in their name, cumgirl8’s work pushes against the status quo by satirizing themes in
popular culture surrounding femme objectification, social media sensationalism, and capitalism.
They create a universe within their art that stretches into the tangible, the four-piece creating a
fashion line (cg8) with runway shows that have received multiple praises from Vogue Magazine.
They also paired their first music release with a graphic zine, illustrated by Air Hoover. It
narrates the genesis of the band as a group of post-human superheroes that exist inside the
internet and transform the power of orgasms into enlightenment.