On Stage

Obelisk Arena


Global pop star. No longer lives in Dublin with her grandparents. Still recovering from an AliExpress addiction, amongst other things. Has just released her second album, ‘Crazymad, For Me’, the greatest album in the history of the world about relationships, regrets and time travel.

“Once again, she transforms pop culture into poetry, painting the most vivid of worlds in the process, while her brand of country-indebted pop feels even richer this time around.” – DIY (5/5)

“Crazymad, For Me shows CMAT to be in a world of her own, one that’s way ahead of the pack.” – The Line Of Best Fit (9/10)

“Hyper-melancholic, ultra-vivid, Crazymad, For Me showcases CMAT’s off-beam pop skills, a distinctive voice in every way” – Mojo Magazine **** (4/5)

“CMAT will have you in stitches one second and emotionally suckerpunched the next. It’s brilliant. Inventive, intoxicating, deliciously camp – she continues to transcend all expectations and remains absolutely unmatched.” – NME (4/5)