On Stage

Sunrise Arena


Born in Fife, Scotland, as a child Clarissa relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, whose cultural landscape has continued to fuel her creativity. Over many years she’s explored the sacred sites, mythology, and music of Nordic culture, finding enduring inspiration in the Celtic tradition. While she’s maintained an active role in the thriving local music scene, a global audience has awakened to her sound. She first gained international attention with Tech Duinn (2018), an hypnotic EP named after a spiritual gateway in Celtic myth.

For her most recent album, The Voyager (2021), Clarissa physically walked the Scandinavian landscape, channelling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites. She also developed an app (Vandringen) which allowed others to virtually join-in and musically respond to these sites. The album received global acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize. Both more intimate and cosmic in scope than its predecessors, World of Work (her debut album for Warp) draws inspiration from visionary literature, dreams, and meditative walks. While The Voyager explored the sacred history of the Nordic landscape, World of Work explores the metaphysical landscape of the soul. The listener is invited on an inner journey that is by turns hushed and ecstatic.