On Stage


Circus Baobab is a collective of circus artists from Guinea and the diaspora
who combine traditional African circus forms with contemporary circus
practices. The company was founded in 1998 on the basis of a concept developed
by Laurent Chevallier. From the start, Circus Baobab has enjoyed the artistic
collaboration of Pierrot Bidon (former director of Archaos), who has directed
several of the company’s shows. It was under the aegis of producers/directors
Mory Diallo and Isabelle Sage that the Franco-Guinean relationship took shape,
a relationship that has continued to nourish the circus world and the shows

Next came the Térya Circus project, the fruit of an original collaboration
between Georges Momboye and Kerfalla Camara, founder and director of the
company and a former coordinator and musician for Circus Baobab. Térya Circus
flourished in Guinea and internationally from 2008 to 2021.

In 2021, Circus Baobab was reborn, under the aegis of Kerfalla Camara who
decided to return to the original spirit of the venture, giving the company a
fresh élan, and involving the same talents, across two continents.
In addition to the shows and the tours, Circus Baobab strives to nurture a
circus with a strong social responsibility, supportive of the local community,
and accessible to all. The company runs outreach programs aimed at young people
from Guinea and elsewhere.