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Why We Travel: A Journey into Human Motivation’
In his highly personal and thought-provoking debut title, award-winning author and broadcaster Ash Bhardwaj explores why humans yearn to travel, why we stay motivated to do so, plus what we gain from venturing out into the world.

Incorporating many of his own remarkable and emotive journeys, ranging from Ukraine, Sudan, New Zealand and Nepal, Ash recounts his connection with his Indian heritage and his struggles with grief and identity. He asks how healing and hardship can be overcome with travel, and how serendipity and wonder can awaken us to our surroundings, leaving us more connected to the people we meet and places we visit. Blending historical journeys and stories with insights from scientists, philosophers, athletes, soldiers and explorers, Ash uncovers how we can curate new experiences and make the most of our own passions and motivations, both in travel and in life.