On Stage

Sunrise Arena


Weaving between pop subgenres Alessi Rose is developing a sound and style all her own.
Mixing the dreams and delusions of youth with the sometimes crushing, other times euphoric
realities of coming-of-age, the 20-year-old artist’s innate understanding of the intersection
between vivid fantasy and disarming honesty is part of what makes her ascension inevitable.

“‘say ur mine’ is about liking someone and it being so incredibly one-way that I invented a
whole parasocial relationship in my head,” Alessi deadpans. Shimmering synths and a
hopeful, light guitar pulse collide, reined by words that explore the fallouts and freefalling
feelings of falling in love alone. She sings with a characteristic candidness that seems to
contradict the emotional weight of lines like “you could breathe and I’d feel everything.” It’s
executed beautifully, self-produced alongside SYBLYNG, each twinkling element bringing a
new vibrancy to the mix. Second track ‘hate this part’ continues this candid suckerpunch
approach, tackling the moment of leaving home for the big city, and all the bittersweetness
and homesickness it entails.