Volunteers Needed For cinch presents Latitude 2022!

Can you join us as a volunteer and help us make cinch presents Latitude 2022 happen?

Volunteers only complete 3 x 8 hour shifts, spread across the festival from Wednesday to Monday, which means you’ll still have loads of time off to enjoy the festival!

You’ll get to pick your shifts in advance, meaning you can make sure you’re off-shift to watch your favourite bands and you’ll get lots of crew-only perks – like crew toilets and showers, phone charging, unlimited tea and coffee, a secure private campsite and fast entry access lane to the arena!

Over 50% of our volunteers join us solo, they then return year after year to meet up with friends they’ve made at the festival! There’s no upper age limit to volunteer – we have volunteers join us aged from 18 to mid 70s!

Thinking about volunteering with friends? Include their name on your application form and we guarantee you’ll have the same shift pattern – which means more time to enjoy the festival together off-shift!

What can I do as a volunteer?

There are 3 different roles you can volunteer as – Pixies, Campsite Assistant Teams and Tower Teams:

  • As a Pixie, you’ll get to dress up in glittery fairy wings and tutus and be based in the woods by the entrance of the arena. You’ll be helping to make the Latitude environment magical with bubble wands and stickers to give out to festival goers, as well as giving directions and information to anyone who needs it.
  • Campsite Assistance Teams work in all of our campsites to provide information and assistance to festival goers there. You’ll be working with the Tower Teams as the eyes and ears of the festival, reporting any hazards you find and helping keep cinch presents Latitude a safe environment for everyone.
  • Tower Teams get the best view of the festival! You’ll be watching down over the festival goers, keeping an eye out for anyone who needs help and reporting anything out of the ordinary to those around you.

Where do I sign up?

If you want to find out more and apply, head to the Hotbox Events website.

Want to have a chat with the Hotbox team? Drop them a line via Messenger.