Latitude Loves… Mary In The Junkyard, Picture Parlour & UNIVERSITY

A new year opens an entirely new chapter for our series, Latitude Loves. In this edition, we bring you closer to the action by introducing you to the faces currently taking the gig circuit by storm. This January we’re reviewing the three up-and-coming bands that will be joining us at Henham Park this summer – Mary In The Junkyard, Picture Parlour and UNIVERSITY.

Mary In The Junkyard

First up, a band earning a celebrated reputation for killer live shows with one single release – Mary In The Junkyard’s alluring individuality draws you in like prey to its predator with eccentric lyricism and frenzied soundscapes. Stacking up more than 50 shows in one year alone, the group’s debut single ‘Tuesday’, released in October last year, discusses the horrors of feeling small in the big city and the yearning for chaos on a dull Tuesday. The stellar track starts off with the band’s guitarist and vocalist Clari Freeman-Taylor with a gentle yet somewhat broken vocal whispering into your ear accompanied by a singular dismal guitar riff before the pulsating bassline from Saya Barbaglia and shot-like drums from David Addison take you to another dimension. Deemed the next great guitar band to come from the South London scene, you won’t want to miss their set at Latitude this July.

Picture Parlour

Coming in next is a band making a colossal entrance to the music scene, being shared as Courtney Love’s new favourite band. Picture Parlour have recently been broadcasting their bombastic, nostalgia-driven soundscapes across the lively quarters of South London and beyond, gaining recognition from all who’ve been lucky enough to have discovered them thus far. Their latest release, the cinematic ‘Judgement Day’, sees the four-piece champion their trademark mini motion pictures and lure audiences with lyrics of born artists, accompanied by a generous dose of spellbinding guitar, and sleazy bass lines. Even though the group is still early in their monumental journey and discography, they are slowly but surely taking over the underground music scene. Make sure to head down to Latitude this summer to see it for your own eyes.


Last but certainly not least, hailing from the railway town of Crewe, UNIVERSITY. The quartet blends a tantilising concoction of emo, punk and hardcore, all while maintaining an aura of mystique. After meeting in college while studying music during the pandemic, the band bonded over a shared drive to create something distinct and fresh. Reigniting the rowdiness and free rein of the punk titans like Pup and Fugazi, the band’s live set is something special to experience. Their most notable track ‘Can’t Breathe’ has already attracted many eager listeners, cementing a buzz which followed them through their youthful discography to their latest EP ‘Title Track’, which NME rightly described as “sprawling, 14 minute-long epic”. We highly recommend giving them a  listen before heading down to Latitude later this year.

Join us in Henham Park this July, where you can catch Mary In The Junkyard, Picture Parlour and University as well as many other brilliant acts at their absolute best. Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of Latitude Loves to find out about even more of the artists you can expect to see at this year’s festival!

Tickets for Latitude 2024 are on sale now.