Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This summer at Latitude you can take a 45 minute Stand Up Paddle Boarding taster session on the picturesque Latitude lake.

what is it?

We are offering 45minute taster sessions, during which our instructors will share their passion and expertise for the sport with you. Their main focus during the session will be on correct paddle technique, stance, board positioning and turns.

We dare anyone to try this sport and not be hooked immediately!

who can book?

You can book Stand Up Paddle Boarding if you’re aged 14 and over. Children and teens aged 8-14 year olds can participate during family sessions. Please contact [email protected] or call 01424 214 000 for family bookings.

All participants will be required to complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire and should the answer be yes to any of the following questions they are strongly advised to consult their GP prior to taking part:

  • Has a physician ever said you have a heart condition, and you should only do physical activity recommended by a physician
  • When you do physical activity, do you feel pain in your chest?
  • When you were not doing physical activity, have you had chest pain in the past month?
  • Do you ever lose consciousness or do you lose your balance because of dizziness?
  • Do you have a joint or bone problem that may be made worse by a change in your physical activity?
  • Is a physician currently prescribing medications for your blood pressure or heart condition?
  • Are you pregnant or post-partum?
  • Do you have insulin dependent diabetes?
  • Are you a man over the age of 45 or a woman over the age of 55?
  • Do you know of any other reason you should not exercise or increase your physical activity?

what do i need to bring with me?

Bathing shorts/costume, rash vest (if you have one), towel