On Stage

The Alcove


Garnering early support from tastemakers like DJ Interplanetary Criminal, Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and BBC introducing, EV is the everyday poet turning heads with his relatable yet in-your-face lyrics, that leave a lasting impression with no apologies.

His 2024 EP, ‘Sirens’ takes listeners through a journey of British working culture; living for the weekend. From it’s opening track ‘Friday Nights’, Sirens, Lost in London to the aptly titled ‘Come Down’ as you arrive back to work on Monday morning.

Residing just outside Ipswich, EV throughout his early twenties worked a 60 hour job in manual labour as a lorry mechanic.

“Music has always been an escapism for me, and writing about UK weekend culture is something I’ve lived and those around me relate to.”

Musically inspired by the likes of 90s progressive dance, UKG, Rap and rave culture. Straddling such artists as The Streets, Example and Bicep, with a wide sonic palette that lends itself to all types of dance genre.