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  • 2015 Information coming soon

    Please be aware that the information for 2015 will be updated throughout early 2015, and most of the current information pages relate to 2014.
    See you soon!

  • 2-for-1 Disabled Access Ticket Scheme

    Please be sure to make your application before the deadline as there will be no exceptions for late applications. The deadline date for applications for Latitude is Friday June 20th at 6pm.

    The application process consists of a few questions regarding your stay at the event. Along with this, we ask for supportive medical documentation for validation of your request.

    This scheme is open to disabled ticket holders aged 13 and over. Any applicants under the age of 16 will need to have a PA/Carer who is 18 or over.

    Priority for free PA/Carer tickets is given to customers who receive the higher rates of DLA or for those who are D/deaf or registered blind.

    If you turn up on site requesting additional PA/Carer tickets, we will not be able to cater to your request. Please let us know in advance if you require the help of more than 1 PA/Carer for your time at the event or please mention it in your application.


     If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please email [email protected]

  • Purchasing Tickets

    Events sell out quickly, so please purchase your own event ticket first and then make an application for disabled access and the 2-for-1 scheme. You will need your ticket reference number in order to complete your application.

    Disabled customer tickets are the same as everyone else’s. There is no separate allocation of tickets or booking arrangements.

    If you are not offered a free PA/Carer ticket and you no longer wish to attend we can arrange a refund for you if you purchased from See Tickets or Festival Republic.

    If you are not offered a free PA/Carer ticket but you still wish to bring someone, and the event has sold out by the time we inform you, we may make one ticket available for you to buy.

    If you don’t wish to apply for a free ticket, but would still require access to the disabled customer facilities available, we still ask that you please complete an application form, support it with medical documentation and state your reasons.

    Priority for free PA/Carer tickets is given to customers who receive higher rates of DLA for care and /or mobility or for those who are D/deaf or registered blind. We consider every application individually.

    All applications are at the discretion of Festival Republic and we reserve the right to alter or withdraw arrangements.

  • Temporary Impairments

    Please note that our disabled customer facilities cannot cater to people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing wounds and women who are pregnant.

    These facilities are for the specific use of disabled customers and we kindly ask that you please respect this. We have these facilities in place so that we can enable more disabled customers to attend the event.

    If you find yourself temporarily impaired at the time of the festival please read the below on how you can make your time at the event easier;

    • Camping chair, so you can rest when you need to!
    • Comfortable footwear
    • Wet weather gear
    • Warm weather protection – sun screen, sunglasses
    • Torch – for better night time visibility

    Medical and welfare is available 24 hours a day to everyone and is located in The Village area with general practice facilities and staffed with doctors, nurses and paramedics. We also will have roaming medics throughout the arena.

    Our on-site medics are equipped to provide first aid, minor casualty and resuscitation. They have details of emergency dentists and local chemists and run a pharmacy service.

    Stewards and security are also on hand and where possible can offer you help and support if you are unwell or require assistance.

    If you are planning on arriving at the event using public transport while having a temporary impairment please know that there may be long routes of walking once you have reached the site. In this instance having a camping chair with you to rest your injury will help.

  • What Happens Next?

    We will acknowledge your application within 4 weeks of receiving both parts, your form and supporting medical documentation. We will send your final confirmation letter by email. It will state the decision of your application and will provide full information on where to go and what to do upon arrival at the event.

    This confirmation letter has a reference number which relates to your application specifically so please be sure to take extra care of this as you will need it at the check-in. Car passes, festival information and site maps will be issued to you on arrival at the Disabled Customer Check-In.

    Please note; our offices close completely for one week prior to the start of each event, as staff move to site. For any enquiries at this time please email [email protected] or ring 0207 009 3001 (Open Mon-Fri 10-6pm)

  • Map


    Here's the travel map.

  • Site Layout & Ground Conditions

    Set in Henham Park, near Southwold in Suffolk, the site is beautiful parkland with sloping and occasionally steep grassy areas, but there are no solid pathways or hard ground.

    There is a large lake with some attractions in the surrounding woodland. Movement across the lake between the arena and campsites is via two bridges. One of these bridges is felt covered at each end for smoother access onto it and the other is solid wood, however, please note, both can get congested.

    Pathways have been cleared through the woodlands, but they are rough and stony in places. Access around the arena is grass or newly cut pathways, and the area through the woods in particular can be challenging for those with limited mobility. The route between the accessible/guest campsite and arena is a rough earth pathway.

    Festaxi will be providing a free lift service for disabled customers, accompanying guests might have to pay a small fee. This service shuttles customers between the accessible campsite, the main arena gate and the village.

    Due to the uneven ground, overhanging trees and low level lighting, we highly recommend all customers to bring a torch to assist them when moving around the site at night, particularly for getting into and around the campsite.

    Attitude is Everything is a charity that works on improving access to live music for disabled and D/deaf people. You may wish to contact them beforehand for their views on disabled access around the site

  • Parking, Campsite and Campervans

    Access to the event for disabled customers is via Yellow Gate. The accessible campsite and car park is located through here.


    Disabled customer parking is via Yellow Gate in the reserved spaces at the guest list and disabled customer check-in, it will be sign posted. We will have reserved the nearest spaces to the pedestrian access route into the accessible campsite.


    Due to the associated fire risks, it is a condition of our licence that cars and tents are separated however weekend ticket holding disabled customers are permitted to drive into the accessible campsite and drop off their camping equipment. The car park is less than 50 meters away from the campsite should you need to visit it during your time at the event.

    Each weekend ticket holding disabled customer may camp in an entire group of four people including themselves and PA/Carer and one car for the car park.

    You may camp in a larger group in any of the public campsites however please be aware, you will not be able to drive into or near to any of these campsites and all camping equipment will have to be carried by you and your party.

    Attitude is Everything run the campsite information and recharge tent so stop by and say hello!


    Disabled customers wishing to bring a campervan must first purchase a campervan permit. You can purchase a specific permit for the accessible campsite however if you find you have purchased a standard campervan permit we will happily exchange this for you at the check-in at no extra cost.

    Depending on availability, anyone purchasing campervan permits on site may be subject to an extra fee.

    There are no electrical hook ups for campervans anywhere on site.

    Caravan and Campervan ticket holders will only be permitted to bring in gas containers up to the limit of 7kg.

    All persons within the vehicle must have valid tickets. Campervans cannot be parked with tents in the campsite; they will be located to one end of the campsite to comply with non-negotiable licence conditions.

    Please note;

    • Standard Campervan Permit, less than 5 metres, typically 2 berth -£40.00
    • Motorhome Permit, less than 7 metres, typically 4 berth -£60.00
    • Caravans with towing vehicle and trailer tents with towing vehicle -£60.00
    • Motorhome larger than 7 meters but not more than 10 metres - £80.00

    ** Please be aware we have limited space in the accessible campsite so if you have a campervan, motorhome or caravan larger than 10 meters and wish to bring this to the event please contact us in advance**

    Click here for more information on Campervans and Caravans

    Click here to buy a Campervan/Caravan pass

  • Disabled Access Wristbands

    All weekend ticket holding members of the party will receive access to the campsite and the access route into the arena. If agreed in advance, disabled customers will receive access for themselves and one PA/Carer to the viewing platforms. The PA pass is transferable between anybody camping with each disabled customer.

    Please note, this lanyard PA pass is only valid when A) accompanying a disabled customer on to a viewing platform and B) when worn with accessible campsite wristband. One without the other is not valid.

    We cannot accommodate families or groups of friends on platforms due to capacity limitations.

  • Other Accommodation Options

    There are other options available for customers who would like to attend the event for the weekend but may not necessarily be able to stay with us on site.

    Suffolk Secrets – 01502722717

    The finest choice of self-catering holiday cottages in the Suffolk region.

    The Hollies Kessingland Camping and Leisure Resort – 01502507030

    30 acre cliff top holiday park situated in the heart of Suffolk’s sun rise coast. It is less than 9 miles from Latitude.

    Field Farm Fisheries - 01502 675273 / 07788870093 or you can visit

    Good size campsite surrounded by farmland. Less than 2.5 miles to Latitude. There are showers and a toilet block on site. 

    Cliff House Holiday Park  - 01728648282

    A fully developed 5 star 20 acre cliff top/woodland holiday park offering various types of accommodation.

    For more information about the area you can also call;

    Southwold Tourist Information – 01502 724729

    Accommodation packages with Yurtel, Pink Moon and Podpads are also available on site but please know that these accommodations may not be entirely suitable if you have limited mobility and unfortunately none of these rented accommodations are available within the accessible campsite.

  • Toilets & Showers

    Our accessible toilets are located throughout the event. They are situated in;

    • Each toilet block in the arena
    • At least one at every viewing platform
    • One in the Medical tent and
    • Several in the disabled customer campsite

    All toilet locations will be noted on the site map that you will receive. These toilets are regularly serviced.

    The toilets at the viewing platforms are fenced into a viewing platform compound and are guarded by security on the platforms and locked at night.

    While we actively discourage non-disabled customers from using these facilities, not all of the toilets are locked or guarded the entire time. We respectfully ask personal assistants and friends camping with disabled customers not to use these toilets for themselves.

    There will be a facility for the disposal of medical waste at one toilet in the medical centre.

    There will be adapted showers in the campsite.

    Please note, toilet service vehicles cannot constantly tend to all the facilities during the day, due to the type of vehicle used, and subsequent safety issues relating to large vehicles being around crowds.

    We always strive for the highest standards, and employ cleaners as well as servicing companies, but would ask you to bear in mind that this is not a sanitized environment.

  • Public Transport

    Please let us know in advance if you are planning on coming to the event using public transport. This is so we can inform coach/taxi drivers on where to drop you off as our entry gate for the disabled customer check-in is not on their drop-off list.


    National Express provides the coach service to the event. If you wish to avail of this coach service, please make your arrangements far enough in advance so that the right vehicle may be provided for you.

    Please call them on 08457 818179 (8am – 8pm)

    Or alternatively, please email them on [email protected]


    The following local taxi companies can provide wheelchair accessible transport. Please book in advance if you would like to avail of this service to bring you to the event.

    Derek’s Taxis – 0796 0011 080

    Mark Adams Taxi Service – 0198 6892 391 / 0776 7605 929

  • Viewing Platforms

    Many performance areas at Latitude are small open tents with low performance areas. There will be no viewing platforms here.

    There will be viewing platforms at the main stage, the BBC 6 Music stage and the comedy stage.

    There may be use of laser and strobe lights at the event, preceded by announcements. Anyone affected by these should allow ample time to leave the area, especially when on the viewing platforms for crowds to clear during band changeovers.

  • Facilities For D/deaf Customers

    Videos will feature below and on the Latitude YouTube Channel.

    Thanks to our friends at Hands4U, RSLI's, TI's and Signature L6 BSL/SSE Communicators will be providing free support on site and free BSL Interpreting of various shows throughout the festival.

    D/deaf customers can camp in the Guest/Accessible camping area for easy access to the Hands4U Team.

    BSL Interpreted shows will be taking place across the site throughout the festival. We hope to BSL Interpret shows including Music, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and Poetry. These will be advertised and updated regularly on this website as well as in the information tent in the accessible campsite during the event. Updates will also be on the Facebook page 'Deaf access at Festivals and Outdoor Events' as well as the Deaf UK Events page.

    We will also provide support for the children’s and Inbetweener's (Teen) areas. This will be a request service and subject to availability. We will do our best to help so please get your request in as early as possible. Volunteers from the Hands4U team are limited. Please be aware that you cannot leave your children unsupervised in the children's area, they must be supervised at all times.

    Hands4U will be running a request service for any other shows or workshops or anything that you feel you would like to access. This will only be possible if a BSL/SSE Interpreter or Communicator is available and your request is suitable for BSL Interpreting.

    We can offer a BSL Tour of the Festival site or any other communication support around site you feel may need. Please ask by email before the festival if possible [email protected] or when you arrive.

    Hearing Dogs and other assistance animals should be registered with the organisers when purchasing tickets.

    We work alongside Attitude is Everything and can provide communication support for any D/deaf customers with additional difficulties that are using the disabled access facilities.

    Posters will be placed around the accessible campsite and access route into the arena with mobile text numbers to contact the communication team. In the guest area the Hands4U logo will be displayed on the fence near the teams camping area. Please stop by and introduce yourselves!

    The contact co-ordinator is Carole. Please email her on [email protected] or [email protected]

    As well as the services offered by Hands4U, Loop Systems will be installed in the Comedy, Literary and Poetry Arenas and at the Disabled Customer Check-In. The loop system logo will be clearly displayed outside the Arenas. If you have any problems using this service, please tell either staff at the disabled customer check in, Attitude is Everything or Hands4U staff members based in the disabled customer campsite.

    You can also print the following card, for use on site, as an alternative way of reporting a problem. Please just fill in the name of the arena where you are experiencing problems, and hand it to a steward.

  • Medical Services at the Event

    Events Medical Services are equipped to provide first aid, minor casualty and resuscitation. They run a 24-hour medical centre in the Village area, with general practice facilities, staffed with doctors, nurses and paramedics.

    They have details of emergency dentists and local chemists and run a pharmacy service. A First Aid unit will be sited in the arena, running from 10am until 3am every day.

    Cold storage for medicines is available. Please contact Dr Matt Robbins in advance at; [email protected]

    The Welfare Tent is situated in the Village Area and is open 24 hours and provides experienced caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems offering general assistance and advice, counselling, a messages service and help for distressed/missing people.

    The Welfare Tent also offers a recovery area for patients from medical and emergency shelter in a crash tent with camper mats and sleeping bags.

  • General Assistance at the Event

    There are two Zone Managers dedicated to the Guest and Accessible Campsite, providing 24hr cover.

    In the accessible campsite there are Campsite Assistance Teams, volunteers with Attitude is Everything, security personnel and staff at the disabled customer check in. The disabled access coordinator will also be on site and is contactable by the above people for any issues that may arise.

    Security Guards and Stewards are clearly identifiable by their shirts. If you experience any problems, please inform us at the event. Abusive or offensive language or behaviour is not acceptable by anyone, be they staff or customers. Terms and Conditions of attendance are applicable to everyone onsite.

    In the instance of a site evacuation please ensure that your PA/Carer is aware that they are your main point of assistance in an emergency evacuation. Security members and stewards located near any of the viewing platforms or the campsite will help in this situation as much as they can to get everybody to a safe location outside of the evacuation zone.

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